Make Your Dark Pictures Appear Brighter and Clear With Photo Editing Software

You have finally managed to capture a photo of your toddler, giving you the perfect pose, after a lot of coaxing and cajoling. You can now send this photo to your loved ones, but when you check, the photo appears to be dark due to poor lighting. Getting your toddler to pose again is a big no! A better alternative would be to brighten up the dark photo.

Making Some Adjustments

If the photo has been clicked through your phone, you can try making some adjustments to brighten up the photo with a Photo Editing Software. You might want to save the original photo, in case the end result is not up to your expectations. You can try by adjusting the brightness and go for the desired color tones of your choice.

If you are still not satisfied, you can try toggling with the saturation affects on your phone. You can even opt to install photo editing software and try editing the image there. IPhones and some smart phones have the ability to auto adjust the brightness and saturation levels for your photos.

You can keep mixing and matching different hues and saturation with photo editing software until you are able to reduce the darkness in your photo. Ensure that you preview the picture before saving them. The main aim is to strike the right balance between the brightness and the saturation so the colors in the photo do not get completely washed away.

Smart Phone Tricks to Get Brighter Pictures using the Photo Editing Software

Photos clicked from any phone are not always perfect. This is the reason, you might want to adjust the settings and find a place with good lighting before clicking the photo. If the photo has come out dark, then you can:

  • You can the opt for vivid theme for the photos to appear brighter
  • If your phone has a “curve control” feature, you can use it to adjust the color tones
  • IPhone users can tap on the darkened image to make the picture brighter
  • Place your shades in front of your camera lens for the perfect picture on a sunny day

Fotoworks XL software can be used by both professionals and amateurs. You can easily manipulate images and edit images with this photo editing software. This comes with an auto enhancement feature that can automatically detect the right color tone for your photos.

This photo editing software is easy to use and understand and can be installed onto your PC with a Windows OS. You can download the software for free, but need to pay for the full version to have access to all its features.

Tips to Avoid Dark Photos

If you are an amateur in photography, it is highly recommended that you take multiple photos from different angles before editing it with the Photo Editing Software. In this way, you might be able to capture the right lighting for your photo. Ensure that your camera lens is clean so that the photos do not get blurred or hazy. Try setting the exposure feature on your phone to get the right white balance for your photo.


Photo editing might require effort and patience from your side. You might need to spend some time getting used to the photo editing software to get the best results. Buy it for reasonable cost at

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